"Marcia Pledger is an intelligent, dynamic and engaging speaker who actually knows what she's talking about. With fascinating stories pulled from her recently published book, My Biggest Mistake ... Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Front Lines, Marcia is a rare combination of style and substance. She's a serious journalist with a genuine sense of humor. I'd highly recommend her."

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Former Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Lake Erie College

"Marcia presents a refreshing way to look at how we "handle our businesses," with a friendly approach when she speaks. And, of course, culturally we retain what we learn so much better with stories. In her book, the well-crafted stories are listed by sections that make looking for your area of interest easy. Kudos on a great concept."

Upland, CA

“Marcia has a passion for small business and it was evident when she spoke at one of our monthly luncheons. Attendees were entertained by stories from interviews she's conducted for her column, "My Biggest Mistake," and enlightened by how these companies fixed issues. Many of our members found that they faced similar challenges, and could learn from other businesses. Her enthusiasm, humor and ability to connect with the audience made it a great event.”

Executive Director, Beachwood Chamber of Commerce

“Marcia Pledger is a true professional and great to work with.  Her inquisitive and bubbly personality immediately put me at ease and I felt like I could talk with her about anything.  She is highly intelligent and immediately gets everything.  She is truly an inspirational person and a pleasure to be around.  As a business owner, I always found her “Biggest Mistake” articles insightful, and now I think her “Reinvention” articles are terrific and look forward to more!”

Grant Cleveland, CEO and founder of DuneCraft Inc., a manufacturer of more than 350 indoor growing kits, habitats, and science kits sold at retailers nationwide.”

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